HARMONYJ "I AM" Flower Mandala


he name of the symbol I use in my practice is “I AM Flowering". It is a healing mandala that was channeled to me during one of my healing sessions. It represents unveiling the truth of who we are as infinite, cosmic, loving and harmonious beings. It works with all the chakras on the physical and spiritual levels.

Suggestion for “I AM Flower” Meditation: Rotate the mandala until it feels most comfortable or right for you to look at. Notice which color or colors are on top because this shows what you are going through or working on at the present time. If the red side is up, it represents the grounding energy working with the base/root chakra, etc.

First imagine yourself sitting in the middle of the flower during meditation surrounding yourself with all the rainbow colors and infinte love. Fill yourself with the colors of the rainbow that corresponds to each chakra, especially the one you are working on. Then imagine yourself becoming the flower. Once you feel the oneness, bring the flower into your heart and place it there knowing that the perfection, the truth always remains in your heart. All you have to do is be aware adn mindful to bring it out and be manifest.

If you want to work on specific areas, turn it until the corresponding chakra color(s) are on top then mediate with it. To learn more about chakras, click on the link on the left column What Are Chakras?.

The greatest science in the world; in heaven and on earth; is love.
~ Mother Teresa