HARMONYJ "I AM" Flower Mandala


Kevin McGuigan: I remember it very well, right down to how uncomfortable I felt the first time I went to your place, because you might be able to smell the putrid air that followed me like a cloud, that only I, this condemned person, was able to barely breathe. It was a unbelievably beautiful day that day, and yet again it missed me, but the thought of suicide hadn't. Just one day off from the continued barrage of negativity and hatred was all I asked for, just to rest...

When I went to you I was not doing any drugs, yet demons were manifesting in my world. Sleep was slowly becoming a luxury... The first thing you asked me was, if I was comfortable? I remember laughing at the forgein concept. You then asked me as you explained your method, Why I was there?... I responded, "Because I'm a mess", you smiled, and calmly said "You are not a mess; You are a seeker".... You woke me at the end of our session... Ah sleep, the first time in two weeks, at that point:)...

I only got to see you one more time after that, and that is as it is, life brings you to where you want to be, but our contact went even deeper, When your words of wisdom and love through our continued communication, helped me break through the illusions that enprison us so easily. I have on my journey sought teachers and found only friends, willing to share whatever they can with you, in order to bring you to where you know you belong, You YJ, are such a Friend.

Doreen Sweeting: Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. YJ has amazing energy. She is clear, concise and thorough as a teacher. She made the learning process fun and passed on wonderful healing energy. She provides an important service that is easily accessible. I highly recommend her services.

Christine Gutierrez: Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. She is a pure hearted warm loving and OPEN beautiful woman... she is truly one of a kind, honest and passionate and puts you at ease and guides you towards fulfilling your dreams with grace and knowledge. A must see.

Joshua Jacobs: Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. YJ is a sincere Master of Reiki and Harmony healing energy. She is intuitive, creative, and offers the opportunity for true healing and transformation. Highly recommend this experience that is life changing.

Bretigne Shaffer: Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. I had two healing sessions with YJ, and came away both times feeling incredibly relaxed and positive!

Chris Bazzle: Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. Through use of the techniques of Harmonic Flow, BodyTalk, and Sound Healing in several sessions, YJ helped me dissolve inner conflicts, attain mental clarity, and intuitively gave me valuble clues for personal progress.

Tom Capshew - author of "Divine Warrior Training": I am sure I can not adequately put into words the healing session I received from YJ, and I will try. The session seemed to move beyond time and place as YJ sat beside the table gently and respectfully engaging my energetic field. Her healing presence was subtle and powerful, and my breath felt connected to source, not me breathing, but source breathing me. At the conclusion of our session, YJ quietly brought me out of my meditative state and I felt deeply rejuvenated and loved. Thank you, YJ, for the gift you are sharing with the world! www.innerspark.org

Bruce: I wanted to thank you for today’s session.  I feel that you helped me to relax, and take things a little more in perspective; and I really enjoyed the Yoga and breathing.  I plan to make them a part of my daily life.

Nathia on monthly messages: Everytime I read your thoughts and suggestions, I'm emersed with serenity, love and grounded, as if you are right in front of me and I am recieving it directly from you. Thank you.

Connie: I love the piece. It's wonderful. It's the first piece of art I ever bought which uplifts my soul. I read in Creative Healing by Samuels and Lane about people making art for other people that brings healing but I had never experienced it so powerfully as with the piece you made for me. It renews my desire to become an artist healer.

Slava: First of all let me just make clear that I am one of the most rational and analytical people I know. I was pretty skeptical at first about energy healing, but because of my severe emotional and psychological condition I was willing to try anything to return to a state of sanity. My childhood was far from ideal and it was starting to catch up with me. I began feeling halos around my head and felt like I was a walking zombie with no energy. I also had serious trust issues and always suspected friends and new people of having hidden agendas. After going to YJ I became a different person. Using her extreme sensitivity to feelings she was able to probe and diagnose the problems, similar to a mechanic working on a car. She then reconfigured my mind and soul to more optimal settings, stripping away the vicious cycles that haunted my life. When I left I felt like I was using my eyes and senses for the first time ever and I was able to trust others more, and people appreciated and respected this. Thank you YJ for changing my fate for the better.

Connie: Yesterday's session was beautiful! You changed the way my energy feels, and you gave me a feeling of serenity that is so comforting. Thank you.

Artist/Mother: YJ Lee has opened some parts of my inner self that only a truly talented healer and part mystic could accomplish. She works ever so gently around ones heart chakra. Her work with ones inner dimensions are phenomenal. If you have an opportunity to work with her, you surely should.

Peter Goldbeck: As a healer who has worked with thousands of World Trade Center victims since 9/11, who heals the "Healer"? YJ Lee does, accomplishing this with love, compassion and her AMAZING intuitive abilities to be able to "tune in" specifically to an individuals needs. Physical pain as well as emotional stress was alleviated. To say she can rewire a person is an understatement. I have left several of her sessions feeling centered, balanced, rejuvenated, even feeling a remarkable increase in my energies and healing abilities after she was able to weed out static frequencies and integrate the remaining useful ones. YJ Lee is a gifted healer. Whether your a healing practitioner or someone with special needs, you owe it to yourself to experience a wonderful healing session with YJ Lee!!

Katherine Romano: I had the opportunity to have three healing sessions with YJ. In my progression toward health, she has helped me change deep habits and find relief from problems both structural and emotional. She also awakened my ability to sense the chakras which I think will help me correct imbalances on my own. YJ has a gift for intuitive healing that I've never encountered before as her method is practically invisible yet dynamic.

Dara S: YJ has a musical and artistic way of working that sings and paints over your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Her touch is as soft as the breeze and as powerful as the tides. Allow yourself to be in grateful wonder of the universe and your own being as you experience harmony with YJ Lee.

Greg A: I learned of YJ and her wonderful healing through a longtime friend who spoke highly of her. I approached my first session with a mixture of curiosity and excitement and was relived when she put me at ease instantly. When the body healing began I immediately felt a change in my vibe. That's the easiest way I can describe it – it's like a makeover for your vibe. I tried to remain awake during the sessions, but sometimes I went to sleep! After you leave YJ, you feel very relaxed and centered, like a great mediation. YJ is clearly gifted and anyone seeking some warmth and a vibe tune-up should visit her.

Dave Rozner: YJ has helped me greatly to alleviate what was at one time, a debilitating anxiety condition, as well as to abolish my substance abuse habits. Within a few days after my second session with YJ, physical pain began to heal in a way I did not know was possible –I could actually feel a tingling energy flowing from my hand, through my arm to my upper back muscles, transforming excruciating pain and it's relative emotional stress into comfort and calm. The wheels were set in motion for my body to heal itself!

With Harmonic Flow, in my experience, it seems as though the doors are opened to what I can only describe as a sort of transcendental meditation, for lack of an accurate or tangible description. "Going with the Harmonic Flow", which for me, sometimes evolves into a "colorful", "sparkly" or even "geometrically organized" nap (not exactly a dream, but a visit to a dimension, I think), helps to remind me that I am connected with the universe and earth in a way that my basic 5 senses cannot detect on their own (after all, it's not their job!)--by getting in touch with and fine tuning this consciousness, it is one way that I can reach my higher potential as a person in order to better my Self in a healthful and truly fulfilling way. For me, Harmonic Flow is like traveling beyond time and space, sometimes "out of body", and eventually returning to a "regular" waking state well grounded and balanced, while retaining some of that "angelical" or "harmonic" consciousness for a few hours, days, or even a week... or more! I'm not denying that there are powerful obstacles that can distract me and make it difficult to maintain this level of consciousness. But the "Flow" is one great way to get back in tune, or "Harmony" with ourselves, the earth, and the universe!

Metaphorically speaking, in healing, as with life in general, there will sometimes be "rough waters" a person must tread. In the past several months I've been learning new and better ways to "swim" through these "rough waters" by reconnecting my body, mind and spirit. And the combination of YJ's efforts, intent, intuition/curiosity/wisdom and perhaps above all, love and compassion have been a major influence on, as well as a catalyst for aspects of this learning process.